CC Iceland taking off

We had a great CC meeting on Thursday! It was very informal, 6 people at  a pub drinking beer or coffee talking about Free Culture but that has proven to be a innovative atmosphere 🙂 So! We’re gonna translate The Power of Open to Icelandic (we already have 50% of it done, see if you understand Icelandic) and gonna add to it at least 10 Icelandic case studies. I think that will be a great way to get people to see the power of… open! 😀

In other news…I finally decided on going again to FSCONS! I’ve been contemplating if I can afford it or not…but what the heck, as we say in Iceland: “Þetta reddast” (e. It’s gonna work out fine). So I’m superexcited about that! But I’m also very excited about a conference here in Iceland next week, You Are In Control, addressing creatives in the digital world. The program is very cool, a lot of interesting talk. Mathias Klang from CC Sweden is giving a talk and I’m helping him out with a CC workshop. There’s gonna be a panel discussion with Mathias, my awesome boss Alex, The General Manager of The Performing Rights Society of Iceland (who’s a lawyer and did not know what Creative Commons were a year ago when I was talking to her) and a few others. I think that panel is gonna be very interesting… 🙂

And last but not least, Iceland Airwaves is also next week, the biggest and coolest music festival in Iceland. This is my fourth time in a row now and I’m as excited as ever! Gogoyoko is having a great off-venue program and maybe even open house to our offices, it’s gonna be great! 🙂



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