gogoyoko Android app Android app for streaming great music from gogoyoko, mixtapes and your own playlists.

Smáralind app – Android app for Smáralind mall, browse through the stores, their products and get special discounts!

Startup WeekendWon Startup Weekend Iceland 2011 with my good KinWins team with our family value check-in game

Foodo – Open Source Android app done with the marvelous Foodo group. The app finds the restaurants you have an appetite for, rate, review and see  other peoples reviews


Hakkavélin (hackerspace) – Founder, active member and current treasurer 2010>

Creative Commons Iceland – co-organizer 2011>

FSFÍ (Icelandic digital freedom society) – active member 2008>

IMMI: International Modern Media Institute – Substitute board member and volunteer 2011

10-10-10 Reykjavik: Keep the Ice in Iceland – co-organized an event to make awareness of global warming. It was held at Hlemmur, Reykjavik’s main bus station, and there were concerts, free slow food, swap market and the event was ended by running down Laugavegur on our underwear!


Introduction to Android programming. Workshop in Hakkavélin(RU) January 2012.

Creative Commons. OER conference, Reykjavík, November 2011

IMMI – Redefining Free Speech for a Digital Age. GoOpen, Oslo, March 2011

Free Culture and environmentalism. Reykjavík Digital Freedom Conference, Reykjavík, December 2010


Berorðað, 4 ljóð.  Stína 5. árgangur, 2. hefti, nóvember 2010

History of Climate Science – essay in Parts of History and philosophy of Science, University of Iceland, May 2010. Co-author with Hugrún Fjóla Hafsteinsdóttir

Undirstöður hágæða háskólanáms (e. The foundations of quality university education). Article in Fréttablaðið December 2009.

old poetry


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