Reflection of this eventful year!

2012… I know the year isn’t over but I was reflecting over it and thinking how many life changing events have happened to me this year;
My best friend had her first child in Feburary, a beautiful baby boy,
I started my relationship early this year with a smart and sexy fellow nerd (he is even a mobile app developer like me), (upd. I broke up with him couple of days after I wrote this, it just wasn’t working out :P)
I started practicing dance (aka Swing and rock’n’roll and West Coast Swing) and I love it sooo much (only other “exercise” I’ve loved this much is Kundalini yoga)
I bought my first apartment in July in my dream neighbourhood in Reykjavík, only 15 minutes walk from downtown, 5 minutes from my dad, and 2 minutes from my son’s school,
I met my grandpa for the first time last month, he’s an alchoholic, now sober, and has been living on the street for decades (it’s really a wonder that he’s still alive)
I changed jobs this month, I’m now developing Android quizup games at Plain Vanilla and it’s really exciting,
My son just started 1st grade last week, (it’s such a huge leap from kindergarten)!

I’m also proud of organizing a Public Domain Day event, Android Workshop, CC Salon, give a lightning talk about our work in CC Iceland, talk about copyright issues and trying to make time to be involved in the newly founded PirateParty Iceland.

This week I’ve spent my evenings reading the Nights Dawn Trilogy. I’m halfway through the second book, they’re just so great! Hamilton could spare the details sometimes, but at the same time all the backstories and details do often matter very much for the whole story, maybe I’m just so anxious to know more of the storyline, it’s really so many intergalactic stories going on that all connect at one time or another. I think this split to Adamists and Edenists really could happen in the future (I’m so fascinated by Edenism).

Well…time to go back to my book… 😉


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