2011 best EP’s and music discoveries (and disappointment)

So I’ve done my top 10 list for Icelandic and foreign albums. But there is other great music that came out last year, and other music I first discovered last year that I wanna share 🙂

Best EP’s:

   #1  Ikea Satan – White Cat Blues


 I just love Ikea Satan and all their work! Their music is similar to The White Stripes (one of my favourite bands), and Pétur Úlfur, Ikea Satan’s frontman, also reminds me of Jack White in that sense that all music that he does I find brilliant!

#2 Samaris – Hljóma þú(EP)

 These young musicians won Músiktilraunir 2011, the Icelandic ‘battle of the bands’ competition for young artists. And as so many that have won that competition, Samaris are very talented and I believe that this album is just the beginning. I listened to their song, Góða tungl, most often of all songs on gogoyoko last year. I can listen to their music in so many moods wheather I’m chilling, working are partying!

Best discoveries:

I listened a lot to these following bands last year. They didn’t publish any album then, but I first discovered them in 2011.
#1 Puscifer

This is my top artist for last year! Puscifer is a side project of Maynard James Keenan from the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle, both bands I love (especially Tool). I’ve only listened to two of his albums, “Conditions of my parole” and “V is for Vagina” and they are both awesome! And yeah I pirated them, but his albums are not available in Iceland, so I’m planning of ordering some of his stuff on the interweb. His music is like Tool meets Massive Attack, a really good combo.

#2 The Cave Singers

 Yes I’m a sucker for good indie folk music and The Cave Singers are there on the top! I just noticed the bands name (because it reminded me of Nick Cave) when we got the Beggars group content on gogoyoko this year, and decided to check them out. I don’t regret that and have been listening to their albums ever since and they never grow tired!

#3 Forest Swords

  Yet another music wonder I’ve discovered on gogoyoko! Forest Sword’s music is magnificent, haunted and dreamy and gets you in the mood for whatever you are yearning for.



#4 Kylesa

Kylesa are this awesome sludge metal band that have won me over! They posses so much depth and variety (and they have a woman as a guitar player – how awesome)! “Static Tensions” is my favorite album by them as it is, but I have yet to check out some of their older albums. Lucky me to have something exciting to wait for 😉

Last and least, my disappointing album of the year:

The Middle East – I Want That You Are Always Happy

  I discovered the folk band The Middle East when I saw them perform at Eurockennés festival the summer of 2010 and they totally won my heart. Their debut album “The Recordings of the Middle East” is an outstanding album, with the songs “The Darkest Side” and “Blood” very close to my heart. I had been waiting since then for their next album that finally came last spring. It’s ok but it just plays through without you noticing it :/ I haven’t given up on them though, I put “I Want That You Are Always Happy” on every now and then, trying to get into it, but maybe I just have to wait for their next album. Let’s hope that will also blow me away as their first one  did.


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