Top 10 foreign albums

Here are my Top 10 foreign albums! Tomorrow comes my last music post in this 2011 music trilogy, stay tuned 😉

#1 tUnE-yArDs – W H O K I L L

I missed tUne-yArDs at Iceland Airwaves, the line was just way too long, and after almost 2 hours wait in the wet and cold to see Beach house last 5 songs, I wasn’t up for another one… I’m stilled a bit pissed.. But I got to see Ham instead which was also awesome. I first discovered tUne-yArDs this year and I just love her, awesome album just as the rest of her work!


#2 Fleet Foxes – Helplessness blues


I had been waiting very excited for this album and hear how they would follow up their magnificent first album, Fleet Foxes.Their first single of their second album, Helplessness blues, was just wonderful. The whole album didn’t convince me at first, but suddenly I realized I had come to love it.




#3 Black Keys – El Camino

This album is not their best one. But Black Keys are one of my favorite bands and every single album they have produced is great. I only started to listen to El Camino a couple of weeks ago and I’ll probably come to love it more and more like all their other music. I can’t get enough of their rough old style blues/rock music!



 Masala – Inny Świat

 (Remix Album)




I saw this band perform live in Warsaw in September as a part of the social program at the CC-summit and they blew my mind. It’s hard to describer their music, you really just have to listen to them. But trying to put it down to words; Masala is a fusion of ethnic indian music, polish hip hop and electronic music… and the result is just magnificent! You’ll never get bored listening to Masala!



#5 Iron and wine – Kiss Each Other Clean

I first discovered Iron and Wine this year (as so many other older bands) and their newest album is very professional, yet with honest feeling. I love to sing a long with their music 🙂




#6 Weedeater – Jason… the Dragon

mmmm…stoner/desert metal.. one of my favourite music genres! Jason… The Dragon is the best album I’ve heard in that genre last year!!




#7 Low Roar – Low Roar

A beautiful beautiful album by Low Roar – a project of Ryan Karazija, formerly of Audrye Sessions (Black Seal). He lives in Iceland and I can’t wait to get the chance to see him perform live! This album just gets better and better with each listening




#8 Dillon -This Silence Kills

This album kills! …well maybe not, it’s too soft for that, but it’s really good if you wanna listen to some soft, comfortable, good music. Lovely voice and all in all very pleasant… except there’s one song that I just can’t listened to because of some added high pitch noise added in the middle of the song Undying Need To Scream!


#9 Black Cobra – Invernal

Ohh I love gogoyoko so much for music discovery! Southern Lord is a great metal label, and on their gogoyoko label page I discovered Black Cobra when their album was released! Fast,heavy and tight sludge metal!



#9 Alexander – Alexander

A very jolly and feel good album from Alexander Ebert, the frontman of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. I got kinda bored after a while though (hmm I’m seeing some strange connection here with jolly music and me getting bored..), but it’s coming up again in my charts! 😉



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2 responses to “Top 10 foreign albums

  1. Nick

    I love the Low Roar album, great choice!

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