Top 10 Icelandic Albums 2011

What is a better way to start the new year than contemplating on last’s years music?! So here it is, MY Music Top Lists 2011! 🙂 This music year was exceptionally good in Iceland so I’m starting off with my top 10 Icelandic albums. More to come tomorrow 🙂

Top 10 Icelandic albums:

#1 Ham – Svik, harmur, dauði

After many years of waiting,Ham published a new album. They haven’t forgotten a thing and are as powerful and dark as ever!( I actually had a hurting neck for many days after too much untrained headbanging at Ham’s act at Iceland Airwaves). I love all the songs, the lyrics are outstanding and the album in a whole is a masterpiece!




#2 Mugison – Haglél

This is Mugison’s first album sung in his native language, Icelandic. He won over the nation – and me! I think every family in Iceland should have one Mugison, he’s just wonderful. 🙂




#3 FM Belfast – Don’t want to sleep

I’ve been waiting for their second album in some time, FM Belfast is the best live dance act in Iceland (referring to an earlier post), and they didn’t disappoint me. This has been my jogging soundtrack all summer, it gives me power(though I often had to stop myself from singing a long while jogging…that doesn’t function very well). Love this album! 🙂



# 4-7 Sin Fang – Summer Echoes


Sin Fang’s first album, Clangour, is one of my all time favorites so I had high expectations. It took a couple of listenings,but I came to love this album almost as much as Clangour.




#4-7 Hermigervill – Leikur fleiri íslensk lög


What can I say, what’s more awesome than an 8-bit like, electronic version of classic Icelandic songs?! He did it great with Leikur íslensk lög, and he did it again. Hermigervill always puts a smile on my face and rhythm in my body 🙂



# 4-7 Sóley – We Sink


Sóley’s first solo album is so phenomenal! Soft songs that touch you to the bone and never seize to surprise you! She’s very original,and I have to say I love the solo-projects that sprung from Seabear much more then the band (even though they are good).



#8 Of Monsters and Men – My head is an animal

Earlier this year, Of Monster’s and Men first album would have been in my top three. I listened to them too much and got kinda bored of it(they were also played on the radio too much). I think I have to see them live again, they charmed me away when I first heard them live. I have believe in these young musicians and look forward to hear more from them.



#9 Skálmöld – Baldur

This album is really professional work. Great storyline, great lyrics, great music and great cover. Their performance at Eistnaflug this year was one of the best there. I’m looking forward to watch their progress



10 Plastic Gods – Plastic Gods

Plastic Gods might not be prominent in the mass media in Iceland, but they are very prominent in the metal scene! I really liked their old stuff and their new album is just as good,if not better. They’re so heavy, I just go in a zone listening to them. They’re one of my all time favorite doom/sludge metal bands in the world.



Other Icelandic albums I like and have listened a fair share to last year are: Nology by Nolo, Jukk by Prinspóló, Winter Sun by Snorri Helgason and Russian Bride by Varsjárbandalagið.


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