So Sunday at FSCONS right…

After lunch there was the keynote speech by Christina Haralanova. She talked about hacktivists and how important FSCONS was to bring all these people together and share ideas and activities. It was nice, a bit of a pep talk, and kinda strange to hear a talk about the conference you are attending, while attending it. 🙂

Eleanor Saitta talked about a project she and Smári worked on regarding the reviewing of the Icelandic constitution. They decided to try using analytic techniques, used in security and related spheres, on the law! Very cool idea and they found some bugs of course. Hopefully they’ll post the results and more info on the technique at their website.

Last but not least, Mathias Klang was great as ever. Now talking about if anonymity is possible. He raised a lot of interesting questions and pointed out that Internet companies and government were using the Salami Tactic, taking a little slice by slice of our right to privacy, so little at the time we don’t care. But one day we could wake up and realize we don’t have any privacy online at all. Another great point he made, was about Information Junk Food. All over the Internet we get advertisements (and info from Google) that are tailored to our interest. Or rather our interest as THEY see it. But what happens when all we see is something we already have interest for, the same way as would happen if we would only eat junk food. It’s not healthy for us and we won’t get to evolve as human beings anymore! Mathias also had a couple of interesting quotes from the man who controls our identity and social life online, Mark Zuckerberg: “A Squirrel Dying In Your Front Yard May Be More Relevant To Your Interests Right Now Than People Dying In Africa”. Nice right? And another: “Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity.” If w think on that for a moment, we all show different identities to different people. You don’t act the same way with your family, teachers and your friends. And that’s the way society rules works and expect of you. There’s always a social context we have to think about. But Zuckerberg doesn’t think so, let’s have everything out there for everyone. If there’s believe left that facebook will care about one’s privacy, it’s gone… But what can WE do about this? Well I do use facebook even though I have a real problem with their ethics, but I try to be critical and I don’t put all my personal life out there. And hopefully I WILL quit facebook some time. I thought Google+ was a better choice, just because out of these companies I like Google better, not that their approach to the Social Media differs much from Facebooks. But then I realized the other day that Google knows SO MUCH about me, through all their endless applications I use… and now I’m giving them my social/friend info as well?? That’s very concerning.

All in all FSCONS was great! 🙂 The one thing I missed this year was to have some social gathering outside the venue. Somehow just changing venues get different people to talk and be more relaxed. But thanks to the fire alarm at Lindholmen, we were forced to leave the venue (and btw I think I have never even stood up before when a fire alarms starts in Iceland, so to have to stand outside for an hour before even getting permission to get our coat was a completely new experience for me) and that evening was one of the best times I had (and the morning after, waking up after 2 hours sleep to catch the train, was not one of my best times…).

Thanks to all the people behind FSCONS and all the volunteers, you did a great job 🙂

p.s. here’s an example of the Salami tactic(from Yes Prime Minister)!:



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