FSCONS and more

I’m going to FSCONS on Thursday! I went last year and it was just so awesome 🙂 Lots of interesting talks, and lots of great people. Some of them are my good friends today 🙂

Yesterday I went to our newly started weekly FSFÍ meeting at at the café in Mál og Menning, Laugavegur. We talked and planned action about open wifi’s that intercept SSL communication and if the phone companies, Vodafone and Síminn, will allow use of other hardware/software to receive their TV broadcast.

In this sprint at work I’ve enhanced the search (try now to type “Prins Póló” when searching for Prinspóló :P) and started developing for the gogoblaster (our Android app), so user can download all his library to his phone .

I’m preparing a talk about Creative Commons at a OER conference in Reykjavik in 2 weeks. I’m apparently the first speaker, after the prime minister finishes his introduction to the conference!

Oh, and if you wanna support meaningful change in the music industry, please signup for subscription on gogoyoko! 😉 For only 5€ a month, you can get ad-free gogoyoko.com, unlimited playlists with unlimited songs, access to the full version of our Android app and surprise gifts! These 5€ pays 40% to artist based on their streaming and 10% charity.



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