Storm – beat poem by Tim Minchen

I first saw Tim Minchin’s standup in a nice apartment in Oslo this March. I was in Oslo giving a talk about IMMI at GoOpen, an open source conference. The conference was nice, but very business orientated. The last conference I was at before that was FSCONS, and GoOpen was totally different experience; no social events, standing lunch, people in suits, no one starting a conversation to an unknown etc… The highlights for me were Simon Phipps talk about Open Source: “Freedom is an ethical issue. Corporation are incapable of ethics. Corporation pretend to be interested in software freedom but are only capable of open source.” – and Pippa Buchanan‘s talk about Mozilla Drumbeat and all the cool projects Mozilla is supporting. Some people are just made to give talks and take you away with them 🙂

But yeah, back to Tim Minchin and this nice apartment in Oslo… as always, the greatest thing about going to a conference like GoOpen was meeting the people. This conference I didn’t get to know many people (because of the whole setting of the thing) but the ones I did get to know and spend some time with were great! 🙂 I was with my friends Stian and Smári, and they knew this Norwegian guy( who’s name is completely stolen from my mind right now… ) and he shared an apartment in Oslo with his completely adorable Philippines girlfriend AND also had an Icelandic girl as a roommate (oh how the world is so small, especially when you’re from Iceland!) and we spent some time there discussing politics and society (and eating delicious microwaved chocolate delicacies). I first heard about The Corporation there (and that documentary is definitely a MUST SEE) and heard about Tim Minchin! He’s this cute, funny, red haired, eye-maked up, kinda crazy looking, piano playing, stand-up comedian. And he’s great 🙂 To keep a long blog post short, here is my favorite clip by him:


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