The sun also rises

I watched the new Woody Allen movie on Friday, Midnight in Paris. It’s very good, even though I’m not a particular Woody Allen fan. It’s message is that you’ll always think past times were greater than you are experiencing, and you should never settle but go with your heart. As an inspiration from the film, that partly takes place in the “Golden Age” of 1920’s in Paris, I started to read Ernest Hemingway’s first novel, The sun also rises, and finished it just now.

I realized I haven’t actually read any of Hemingway’s work before so it was about time. The sun also rises is a beautiful novel, the scene is Paris and Spain, a group of people are drinking, eating, exploring life, and of course are in love. Unfortunately most of the male characters are in love with the same woman.

Even though the novel is written in the 1920’s I could deeply relate to the characters. That’s what defines great literature, that people will forever relate to it so it lives on.


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