Iceland Airwaves was pretty good, but this year was my least fav one of the 5 years I’ve gone. I didn’t see that many bands (partly because I was totally exhausted on Saturday after a whole week on full force) but also because there were so long lines everywhere! I waited for one and a half hour to see Beach House on Thursday, and it was very cold and wet and I found out my shoes weren’t waterproof so my toes almost froze off… They were good (I catched their last 4-5 songs), but not 1,5 hours wait.. 😛

But we at gogoyoko opened our offices and had a great party on Friday where many awesome visitors came. Both fans of gogoyoko and also just people dropping by seeing the off-venue schedule at Bar 11 downstairs. That included 8 Austrians dressed in their national clothes bearing their national drink. They actually didn’t get a ticket to the festival so they were just enjoying the off-venue program which can also be very nice. Also my new friend Ben Goddard I “met” on twitter and met then in London the other day, was now coming to Airwaves. I love how the Internet has made the world so much smaller! 🙂

I sooo wanted to see tUnE-yArDs on Friday, but the line was too long. I heard some people waited for 2 hours but didn’t catch them :/ But instead I got to see HAM who are the rock kings of Iceland and they were great (I actually slammed so hard that I couldn’t move my neck for 3 days). After them I headed back to Nasa with stacked with food for the line which I was in for almost an hour to see Bloodgroup (who were awesome as always).

Well…going to prepare a weekend of birthday parties for my son who’ll be 5 years old next week! 🙂

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