Arduino hacking

I had a great night with my hacker friends at Hakkavélin. Reykjavik University has been providing us free space and really want to support us, but don’t really know where to put us, so now we are in this small space in the basement, it’s cosy though small (with nerd aroma) 😉 While some guys were trying to get the RepRap to work (not for the first time)  but now they actually got the extruder working, but then the y-axis didn’t want to move as it was supposed to  or sth (and Apple fan no.1, Gummi, of course blamed Linux).

While that was all happening, me and Smári were playing around with Arduino, Processing and a 434MHz sender/receiver! After our first mission was accomplished (sending dirty messages) we made this very silly but fun drawing program, so I would draw on my laptop and like magic (or science more like it) it appeared on Smári’s!!

I know have the Trololo song on repeat in my head, thanks a lot Björgvin!



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2 responses to “Arduino hacking

  1. Man.. sounds like tons of fun to be had…
    I’ll come around next time!

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