CC Global Summit – Recap

The summit was so great! I met so many wonderful inspiring people and the whole conference setting, organising and content was really great. Thank you CC Poland! 🙂

The first night was an informal gathering at the Nowy Wspaniały Świat cafe. There were many people there and it was hard to tell who were conference people and who not. But if you heard someone talk English you’d presume he/she was at the conference so it was just a matter of starting to talk to people. That evening I immieadatly had many very interesting conversations, like with Rubin from London (somehow I never met him again during the summit), and he was co-organizing a EU event next year, presenting open licensing and free culture.  Attila from Hungary who has been involved with CC for at least 5 years, told me how it had started out really well there, they had a conference with Lawrence Lessig that got a lot of publicity, but now, 5 years later CC isn’t commonly known. It is used for  blogs and stuff, but ppl still don’t really know what it means. So the follow up of events is important but can be difficult, especially when you’re doing it as a volunteer. Then I met my friend Jonas from Sweden and we did some catching up. Jonas is the CC European Regional leader and one of the organizers of FSCONS, a Nordic conference about free culture which is held annually in November in Gothenborg. I attended for the first time last year and it was one of the most amazing times of my life!  Then I heard this awesome CC success story from a Croatian girl (can’t remember her name unfortunately) which consists of recipes under CC-licenses! Recipes! That makes so much sense for use of cc-licenses. Copyright of recipes is really hard to get, to prove originality of a recipe, imagine to go with that to court. So it all started with a Croatian company that sells spices, soups etc in that region. This company put up a website with information about their products, but how often do you go to some food producers website? So they started this social media site (this was before facebook) where you could post recipes, pictures connected to food etc. and maybe win a mixer!. This really blew out and suddenly everybody were posting their recipes there, from grandmothers with no technical skills to young free software people. Since this was a regional thing not everybody could understand perfectly if the recipe was written in a different language, so recipes were rewritten, maybe improved etc. And now you can choose to CC-license your recipe and this is still the second biggest social media site in Eastern Europe! Amazing 🙂

There was a focus of the 4.0 version of the CC license at the summit, and well deserved. The debate was if the 4.0 should be a global license or not. I’m personally bit torn about it. The idea of an international licence I find very appealing, and less effort of CC-affiliates would go porting the licence which can be a long and complicated process. But at the same time I’m worried that people will be afraid to use it if it won’t stand up in court in their country. Nothing has been decided yet and it will be interesting to follow the discussion for the next year.

At our regional meeting we discussed that affiliates should communicate more. There is a regional mailing list but it hasn’t been used much…or at all is my understanding, lately. And by doing things together we WILL communicate more. For example to apply for cultural grants together for free culture projects as we the Nordic Countries did this spring with the Future of Money CC-Salon tour. That worked out really well for us at least!

There was also a lot of discuss about Open Access, it’s importance and how CC works well with it. For example has Nature it’s open access published under BY-NC-ND or BY-NC-SA. I think that open access should be default in the public sector since it is PUBLIC. That the US government is using CC for their online content is a great start and I’m sure many governments are also there or on their way. Unfortunately the UK governm chose to make their own license (because of db rights) which is probably not the right move. That just complicates the use of their material and is not interoperable.

But summits like this are not just about the sessions and talks (though they were great and I didn’t get to attend all the sessions I wanted), but it’s also about the people you meet! I renewed my friendship with my fellows from Scandinavia and got to know wonderful people from Guatemala, Philippines, South-Africa, Slovakia, Croatia, Peru, Ecuador, Tunisia, Ghana, USA, Portugal and I could keep on counting! Everyone I met, thank you for a great time!

Many slides from the conference can be seen here, and pictures here.

There are many other interesting things I could go on about, but let’s end this post now with quotes from the summit:

“Websites or only our tools, creative innovation is the goal”

“Please copy this record to all of your friends” – Christian Villum

“Freedom of expression is the right to know what everyone knows” – J.P Barlow

“[with our current copyright laws] children are criminals” – Lawrence Lessig

The Power of Open!


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