CC Global Summit – Saturday

It’s day 2 of the conference and so far it has been soo interesting and I’ve met soo many great people from many countries! The Creative Commons project in Iceland is very new and very informal yet. It sprung out from FSFÎ, Icelands Digital Freedom Society. Coming here to see how the CC project is organised in other countries is so valuable and just what I needed to get CC Iceland more focused and organised. We don’t have any lawyers with us in Iceland so it was a bit surprising for me to discover that at least half of the people here have legal background!

CC Iceland has been working a lot with the other Nordic countries but it’s so great to see the international scene and get personal connections. It’s gonna be very useful to collaborator more with other countries.

I’ve been very focused on introducing CC to collective societies and artists, but I think the way to go is to get the Universities on board and gain public awareness of CC through that channel. I’ve already been very inspired already and look forward to go back home and work with the knowledge I’ve gained here. And there is still tonight and the day tomorrow to come! And Lawrence Lessigs keynote is in 15 minutes 🙂

I will write more about the summit later when I have time and have collected my thoughts 😀


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