Winter is coming

The fall is coming in Iceland, and with it I got a cold and sickness. Always when I’m sick I remember how health is important!

Since my head isn’t very clear right now I’m gonna make this post short. I just want to say that gogoyoko’s Android app I’ve been working on has been released and you can get it here. I’m probably a bit biased but it rocks! 🙂 We’ve mostly gotten great feedback on it, the only thing that has been troubling users is the difference between our basic signup and our new subscription model. Now you can become a subscriber for 5 Euros a month and support fair play in music even more! A part of the subscription fee goes directly to the artists. But you also get something in return, you can make endless playlists with endless songs (instead of 5 extra playlists with 20 songs each) as well as get the whole function of our Android app. With the free version you can listen to mixtapes specially made by us music lovers at gogoyoko, but as a subscriber you can also listen to all your playlists and browse the store!  I also want to mention how I think the Android markets reviews aren’t of much use to developers. As a developer you can’t reply to comments so it’s a bit one way really. For example one has commented on our app that there is no search function. Well there isn’t unless you are a subscriber! Another one gave it 4 stars but said it was buggy. That doesn’t help me if I have no clue what bugs he’s talking about… I’ve been reading up on this on the Internet and many developers talk about this. Hopefully Google will catch up on this sometime soon…

I’m off to bed to continue reading A Storm of Swords, the third book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. I first heard about them after watching HBO’s A Game of Thrones, the first tv series based on the first book. They are really good and I highly recommend them… unless you can’t cope with seeing everything going wrong for your favourite characters (it’s really a anti-Hollywood writings).




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3 responses to “Winter is coming

  1. úhh.. do you own the books? if so, can I maybe borrow them?.. and yes, I agree with everything you said about the ggykAApp 🙂 I love it to – as much as I can love an app that I haven’t even tried out yet 😉

  2. I own the first three (and will by the fourth as soon as I’ve finished the third) and yes you can borrow them! 🙂 Hehe yeah you MUST get an Android phone Kolla!

  3. Arnar Ingi Bragson

    The app works great on my phone! Congratulations 😀

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